Dean R member since Jan 2014

"I have eliminated 5 prescription drugs and no longer take medication for type 2 diabetes"

Goal:  Reduce medication and weight loss

My wife gave me a membership for Christmas 2013. It was done so that I could build stamina for a summer trip to the Smokey Mountains. She wanted me to "keep up" with the grand-kids while hiking.

I noticed my weight dropped and I felt more energetic. To date, I have lost 50+ lbs. My diet has improved and I am eating much healthier food.

As a result of LivingFit Rx, I have been able to eliminate taking 5 prescription drugs and no longer have to take any medications for Type 2 diabetes. This medical cost-savings more than pays for the membership. Thanks!

-Dean R, member since Jan 2014

Ed F member since May 2014


Goal:  Stability & Lessening of Essential Tremors

When Ed first came in, he was experiencing deteriorating balance and strength, resulting from Essential Tremors, which also entails low energy and endurance.  He just "felt tired much of the time."  When asked what he wanted to accomplish at LivingFit RX, he replied, "I'd just like to get my life back."

Ed worked out with us consistently, as well as adopting a healthier lifestyle and stopped drinking alcohol.  Within a few months, he began to regain control over his movements.  Within a year, he was symptom-free and had been taken off his prescription medications.  As importantly, he was confident and energetic.  Recently, Ed's doctor told him he was the only patient who was "aging backwards."

-Ed F, member since May 2014

Loretta M member since July 2015

"I walked in and met debi and the staff, and fell in love."

Goal: Energy & weight loss

18 months ago, I decided I needed to change my life.  I just didn't feel well.  Was it the chronic illnesses, my weight or just lack of activity?  The answer is all of the above.  I have 15 grandkids and wanted to swim, kayak and be active with them, but I didn't know how to get started.

Soon, after, I ran into an old friend who looked amazing and I asked him what he was doing.  He was working out at LivingFit RX and invited me to "come check it out."

I walked in and met Debi and the staff, and fell in love.  I also wanted something for my husband and I to do together, so Debi began training us together on the Power Plate.  We both got so much stronger and more flexible.

Six months into this journey, I felt I really needed to focus on my weight. With hard work and help from LFRX staff, I've lost 100 pounds and am off 2 medications!  LivingFit RX has challenged and changed my life and I am so grateful.

I can now ski, swim and kayak with all those grandkids and LivingFit RX helps me do that!

-Loretta M, member since July 2015

Kim F member since March 2015

Kim F member since March 2015

"my doctor says i now have the bone density of a YOUNG healthy woman!"

Goal:  Weight loss & greater bone density

When Kim first came in, she had been diagnosed with osteopenia, and due to a frozen shoulder and exercise-induced asthma, felt she couldn’t work out to improve her situation.  Everything seemed too risky for fear she would get hurt again.  She tried the Power Plate with skepticism. 

Initially, she was just happy that she wasn’t sore after exercising.  On the Power Plate, she could strengthen her lower body and core; and improve her balance without hurting her shoulder.  She could work hard without triggering her exercise-induced asthma.  She began gaining confidence and taking ownership of her health.  She began a routine of Power Plate, cardio and healthy eating.  She has also increased her cardio outside our studio.  Recently, her doctor told her she no longer has osteopenia or anemia, and that she has the “bone density of a young healthy woman.” 

-Kim F, member since March 2015

Erin M member since Sept 2015

Erin M member since Sept 2015

after 2 major car accidents, shattering her ankle, erin was depressed and totally inactive.  Now, she's one of our "warrior women."

Goal:  Strength & Balance

Erin’s parents brought her to LivingFit RX as a “last resort.”  Erin had been in two major car accidents, shattering her ankle to where it consists of artificial parts held together with pins.  She also suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving her depressed and irritable.  Erin basically worked from home and avoided the outside world.  Physically, she was so unstable we had to hold her up on the Power Plate. 

Over time, she started gaining balance and strength, despite her leg brace.  She also began to believe in herself.  Now, Erin is one of our “warrior women,” and is in here 4-5 days a week doing Power Plate and cardio.  She has built a ton of muscle, a lot of confidence and a very active life!

-Erin M, member since Sept 2015

Kim A member since July 2013

"livingfit rx demonstrates it's not too late to improve our health"

Goal:  Improve heart function & overall fitness

What does living fit mean to me?  When I started with LivingFit RX in July 2013, my resting heart rate was 75 on a good day.  Now I can average 75 for 10 hours of work – even on a challenging day!  I really like the philosophy of LivingFit RX.  We get 1 body.  Many of us have not regularly worked out throughout our lives but LivingFit RX demonstrates that it is not too late to improve our health.  Over the years, I’ve personally struggled with maintaining a fitness routine.  At the age of 45, I started running.  At the time, I couldn’t run for 30 seconds without being completely winded.  At age 50, I completed my first half marathon.  At age 53, I joined LivingFit RX.  While I’ve never been a fast runner, I have improved my speed with the help of consistent personal training at LivingFit RX.

What does living fit mean to me? It means I don’t accept a pill for everything. In fact, I do what I can to avoid being on medications. It means I can still move. I can still improve my balance, endurance, strength, flexibility and cardio recovery by working out on a regular basis. And I can do all this without extreme exercise routines. Oh, and along the way I’ve met some wonderful new friends. Living fit is NOT about an age group. It is about owning my destiny through personal actions and the support of my personal trainer, Debi! I appreciate the support I get on so many fronts.    

– Kim A, member since July 2013

Nancy L member since Jan 2013

"working out on the power plate® is twice as productive as the same exercises on the floor"

Goal:  Increase energy & mobility

I walked into LivingFit RX hoping for help, and guess what?  God gave me more than I ever could have asked for.  I am not an athlete and I do not enjoy exercising.  But I have struggled for years with fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, low energy, poor motivation, and signs of depression.  My doctor begged me to find something I loved to do and move with it.
I was excited that working out on the Power Plate is twice as productive as the same exercises on the floor.  I like that each variation is only 30 seconds long, and the stretches keep muscles from hurting afterwards.  I enjoy the individual attention of a personal trainer, and the teaching and encouraging are challenging.

I appreciate the reinforcement of the periodic assessment, and I can’t say enough about Debi Teeple.  She is an awesome person, and she has made the workouts for my husband and me both fun and beneficial.  I owe her and LivingFit RX a big thank-you for the new direction, drive, and determination that now describe my life.

- Nancy L, member since Jan 2013

Tracey S member since June 2013

after a knee replacement, tracey had very limited range of motion and extreme pain. She even needed help getting her feet into the bike pedals. NOw, she's rocking the elliptical trainer!

             Goal:  Strength & Weight Loss

Tracy came to LivingFit RX with osteoarthritis in both hips, overweight, limited mobility, very limited range of motion, and extreme pain.

She wanted to move better, improve her stamina and lose weight. She had one knee replacement and did not do well with her physical therapy. She had very limited range of motion and extreme pain.   We’ve worked through 3 additional joint replacements.  In the beginning, she needed assistance getting her feet into the pedals of the bike and could only workout for about 5 minutes.

Tracey’s mobility has increased dramatically.  In addition to her Power Plate sessions, Tracey is able to do cardio on her own; she even uses the elliptical.  She has increased mobility and stamina.  Her pain is reduced and she has increased confidence.  She is living life!

-Tracey S, member since June 2013

Carol N member since April 2015

Fearful of new exercises or anything that pushed her outside her comfort zone, Carol had little stamina or energy.

Goal: Stamina & Strength

Carol came to us because she had little stamina or energy.  She also had no confidence in exercise, being fearful of new exercises or anything that pushed her outside her comfort zone.  Over time, we steadily increased her Power Plate protocols, and pushed and encouraged her to trust her abilities. 

As she began to trust us, and her results, her entire demeanor changed.  Today, she is vibrant and energetic, even asking for “extra cardio.”  She likes to workout, has lost weight, and has amazing endurance.

-Carol N, member since April 2015

Sharon J member since Sept 2013

"In 6 weeks, my regular health checks came back within normal levels"

Goal:  Weight loss and to reduce medication

The realization that I was not as healthy as I thought nearly cost me more than I wanted to pay.  I had spent a lot of time saying I was going to eat better, exercise, and lose weight, but this never really stuck. Once that realization hit me, I knew I had to make better choices.

Joining LivingFit RX was my first step and in 6 weeks, my regular health check and routine tests came back within normal levels.  It was hard to grasp that in such a short time, one could feel better and the effort could produce such results.

I am down one med and on my way to getting rid of more.  I feel better, have more endurance, but still have many weak elements that need change.  My goal is to be a better me and I plan on seeing my granddaughters as adults.  Each day I remind myself of what I need to do.  It is all about choice.  Thanks, Deb and staff! 

- Sharon J, member since Sept 2013

Peggy R member since Jan 2013

peggy swears that consistent use of the power plate keeps her arthritis at bay and gives her tremendous endurance.

Goal:  Improve heart function & overall fitness

With heart disease, arthritis, and asthma, Peggy was starting to lose range of motion and strength.  She really wanted to continue to work her job. 

Results:  She is able to work!  At age 68, Peggy works 12 hour days/4-5 days a week on her feet as a respiratory therapist.  She also actively rescues dogs and needs strength and endurance to handle big dogs.  Peggy swears that consistent use of the Power Plate keeps her arthritis at bay, increases her range of motion, and gives her tremendous endurance. 

– Peggy R, member since Jan 2013