Debi Teeple Owner/Coach



Debi and her husband Cary began LivingFit RX with a vision to help people improve their quality of life.  Debi has experienced several health trials of her own, so she knows first-hand how hard it is to maintain good health.  She has years of experience working with people who have a variety of health challenges.  Debi knows that everyone can’t work out the same way, but everyone can work out and improve their life.

“Everybody has something” is a phrase Debi often tells people who are reluctant to start in “a gym.”  Whether it is poor health from illness or injury, or just sitting around, Debi believes everyone can improve their lives through regular exercise.

Debi not only has a passion for fitness and helping people in her studio, she loves ministering to others through counseling and helping children in need.  For years, Debi and Cary were pastors with a local church, specializing in family life and missions.

When not at LivingFit Rx, Debi enjoys quality time with Cary, her two daughters and her grandbabies.  She enjoys everything horse-related, running, and the outdoors.

Michelle Schlegel Office Manager


Office Manager/Part time TRAINER

Michelle joined Debi’s team 3 years ago to help with office and administrative work.  She has recently begun coaching and pursuing her national certification.  As someone who has suffered chronic joint disease for 30 years, Michelle understands the desire to avoid the discomfort of physical activity, but has learned that the health benefits of routine exercise far outweigh the initial pain.  “I want to keep living the life I love, and have found it so rewarding to help others get stronger and live the lives they love.”

Prior to staying home to raise her girls, Michelle was a Certified Internal Auditor with USA Group.  Giving back is a family priority; for 20 years, Michelle has been actively involved with Operation Christmas Child and her church’s outreach ministry, the passion play “Behold the Lamb.”

Michelle and her husband, Dan, have 3 daughters and a new granddaughter.  They love family time at the lake, walking the dogs, and any beach, anywhere.

Kim Aument Trainer



Kim joined Living Fit Rx in 2013 in pursuit of healthier living and improved running.  While she considered herself fairly healthy, she soon realized there was significant room for improvement!  The personalized approach at Living Fit was more than physical.  She has also benefited from the friendships and spiritual guidance she receives at Living Fit Rx.  Life has changed a bit since then and now Kim pursues hiking as well as running.  An active lifestyle is possible at any age, even after 50!  

Cary Teeple CEO



Cary’s heart for serving has always been the number one priority in his life. Whether through serving as pastor, counselor, or a successful businessman, his goal has been to give it all back.  It is Cary’s wisdom and support that has allowed us to pursue this endeavor to give people hope and a better future.

Cary’s favorite role is Poppy to Emmy, Jams and Ari. When not travelling the world for business, he is loving his time with Debi and the family.