About bioDensity™

The bioDensity™ system was created by John and Paul Jaquish and has been in development since 2003.  Extensive testing at their Performance Health Systems test facility in Napa, California has produced over 35,000 sets of data and an average strength gain, from 2005 to 2008, of 123% among 500 active three-year clients (average age of 52). 

The logic and studies that led to the development of the bioDensity™ system relates first to the mechanics of a single muscular cell, then to the application of this understanding to exercise.  This discovery led to a way that an individual could impose an incredibly powerful stimulus on a muscle which would provide large and consistent gains in myofibril growth. 

With conventional resistance training, a person picks up a weight, or moves a bar that’s connected to a weight stack, and imposes load on the body.  In the course of the range of motion there is a risk of injury.  With bioDensity™ stimulation however, the load is created by the individual exerciser.  This means that no matter how hard one exercises the load that is being dealt with is never beyond what is safe.  The bioDensity™ process requires approximately fifteen minutes, in those fifteen minutes the system provides comprehensive muscular and skeletal stimulation, combined with exact performance measuring, that cannot be experienced using any other known form of exercise.

bioDensity™ introduces clients to four safe and precise self-loaded exercises. In addition, force production measures are recorded for each load exposure to effectively track improvements with repeated use.

bioDensity™ Science

The bioDensity™ system safely aids in increasing bone density and joint integrity by stimulating the body’s own natural processes. Based on the science of Wolff’s law, the theory demonstrating bone adaptation to applied pressure, the bioDensity™ process applies optimal biomechanics for the self-compression of bone mass. In addition, compressive forces are applied to cartilage found between the ends of the bone, resulting in an increase in joint strength. Just like muscle, human bones, tendons, and ligaments strengthen under pressure and weaken if unused.
By generating load in the optimal biomechanical position, users recruit a higher percentage of motor units than conventional exercise. Unlike other modalities, loads are self-applied and regulated by the user’s level of comfort, resulting in safety and reliability with each application of load. Four safe and precise compressive movements stimulate all major muscle groups, joints and bones of the body:

  • Chest Press
  • Leg Press
  • Core Pull
  • Vertical Lift

Bone Density and Joint Integrity

The bioDensity™ system offers an effective non-pharmaceutical alternative to the treatment and prevention of both osteoporosis and arthritis by stimulating the body’s natural processes.

The bioDensity™ system can aid your patients in safely increasing bone density and joint integrity by stimulating the generation of new bone and strengthening joint cartilage. This response occurs as a result of self-applied compressive forces.

The ability of bone tissue and cartilage to adapt their mass and structure to deforming mechanical loads is well documented. These adaptations derive from tension, compression and/or torsion being placed directly on, and between, bone structures. Each type of force must generate the proper level of mechanical load to produce the desired effect. The end result, over time, is denser bone and stronger cartilage.

bioDensity™ allows for self-loaded, compressive contraction of the working muscles to produce force. The unique design of the device utilizes the optimal biomechanical position to generate force for the safe compression of bone tissue and cartilage.

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