An Integrated Approach

Improving overall health, quality of life and longevity are leading concerns as the aging population continues to grow in size.  Combining Power Plate with bioDensity can improve bone and joint health, assist with neuromuscular rehabilitation and provide other dramatic benefits to your patients.  

Bone Density and Joint Integrity

Power Plate® and bioDensity™ offer effective non-pharmaceutical alternatives to the treatment and prevention of both osteoporosis and arthritis by stimulating the body’s natural processes.

The bioDensity™ system can aid your patients in safely increasing bone density and joint integrity by stimulating the generation of new bone and strengthening joint cartilage. This response occurs as a result of self-applied compressive forces.

The ability of bone tissue and cartilage to adapt their mass and structure to deforming mechanical loads is well documented. These adaptations derive from tension, compression and/or torsion being placed directly on, and between, bone structures. Each type of force must generate the proper level of mechanical load to produce the desired effect. The end result, over time, is denser bone and stronger cartilage.

bioDensity™ allows for self-loaded, compressive contraction of the working muscles to produce force. The unique design of the device utilizes the optimal biomechanical position to generate force for the safe compression of bone tissue and cartilage. As a complement to bioDensity™, the destabilizing effect of Power Plate® leads to a hormonal response which may increase bone density. As a result, patients can reduce their risk of developing conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis, giving them a greater chance of maintaining their independence later in life.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

Neurological factors play an important role in muscle function, strength and coordination of movement. Together the Power Plate® and bioDensity™ devices stimulate neurological adaptations in muscle including:

  • Optimized posture and biomechanics
  • Improved synchronization of nerve impulses
  • Improved co-contraction of synergist muscles
  • Inhibition of antagonist muscles
  • Increased size and recruitment of motor units

The overall result is faster accessibility of motor units, higher volume of recruitment and more efficient use of muscular contractions. In addition, these contractions lead to enhanced muscle strength, increased circulation and more effective blood flow, ultimately improving a patient’s quality of life.

Dramatic Benefits

Together these two products, Power Plate® and bioDensity™, have demonstrated dramatic benefits in the quality of life of our clients, including management of chronic pain. Health care professionals, including chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists, have reported the following improvements:

  • Decreased overall and specific pain
  • Quicker recovery of damaged muscles and tendons
  • Faster recovery post stroke/CVA
  • Improved blood circulation and lymphatic return
  • Accelerated recovery of the tissues post ACL reconstruction
  • Improved neural plasticity and sensory motor function in spinal cord injury
  • Reduced pain, improved mood and increased activity levels in patients with Fibromyalgia

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