For our clients with bone density issues or concerns, we have the bioDensity™ system which was created by John and Paul Jaquish to help their mother who had been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. They wanted a non-pharmaceutical solution based on biomechanics. Using bioDensity™, individuals can impose an incredibly powerful stimulus on a muscle which provides large and consistent gains in myofibril growth.

With conventional resistance training, a person picks up a weight, or moves a bar that’s connected to a weight stack, and imposes load on the body. In the course of the range of motion there is a risk of injury. With bioDensity™ stimulation the load is created by the individual exerciser. This means that no matter how hard one exercises the load that is being dealt with is never beyond what is safe. The bioDensity™ process requires approximately fifteen minutes. In those fifteen minutes the system provides comprehensive muscular and skeletal stimulation, combined with exact performance measuring, that cannot be experienced using any other known form of exercise.

bioDensity™ introduces clients to four safe and precise self-loaded exercises. Force production measures are recorded for each load exposure to effectively track improvements with repeated use. The four exercises are:

  • Chest Press
  • Leg Press
  • Core Pull
  • Vertical Lift

The bioDensity™ system offers an effective non-pharmaceutical alternative to the treatment and prevention of both osteoporosis and arthritis by stimulating the body’s natural processes. The bioDensity™ system can safely aid our clients in safely increasing bone density and joint integrity by stimulating the generation of new bone and strengthening joint cartilage. This response occurs as a result of self-applied compressive forces.

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